There's One Extra That Isn't Optional.


A Lamborghini delivers supercar performance - yet you can drive it all year round in all weathers. It's engineered to last - and for our Certified Pre-Owned Program, we select only examples that have been maintained by Lamborghini-approved workshops.

Certifying a pre-owned Lamborghini is easy thru the CPO Lamborghini program. Lamborghini Broward will certify any Lamborghini that meets the following requirements:

  1. Have not more than 31,000 miles of use;
  2. Have less than 72 months of use;
  3. Have passed a complete checklist test;
  4. Have the vehicle history checked;
  5. Have been sold by Lamborghini America or Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A to an Authorized United States Lamborghini Dealer; and
  6. Have not more than 24 months of coverage remaining under a Lamborghini Limited New Vehicle Warranty issued by Lamborghini America or Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A (or a Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini Limited Warranty issues by Lamborghini America.)

After meeting the eligibility requirements, Lamborghini Broward will perform a checklist test to meet with conditions and terms of the Lamborghini CPO program. A Lamborghini Broward technician is required to perform these meticulous inspections before a vehicle is certified for sale under the CPO Program. If something is not up to Lamborghini standard, it is required to be repaired or replaced by genuine Lamborghini parts. That how we can offer a warranty that covers every significant component on the car.

So when you settle into the driver's seat of your Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini and take a look around the cockpit, you can rest assured that complete confidence comes as a standard.

  • Powertrain (engine, transmission, differential)
  • Suspension and steering system
  • Safety (ABS, airbag, and brake systems)
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Electrical system (sound and navigation systems are excluded)
  • Fuel system

Here is the over 150 Vehicle Inspections Checklist that will be performed by Lamborghini Broward:

General Vehicle Information
VIN matches other VIN's on vehicle and paperwork, database.
VINs not tampered
Regular maintenance performed
Service bulletins and campaigns
The vehicle is equipped only with Lamborghini genuine parts
NO mileage discrepancies
Vehicle history checked
Vehicle Exterior
Exterior appearance inspection
Body damage
Head and tail lamps lens condition
Paint, chips, and scratches
Panel alignment/fit
Side marker lens condition
Soft Top visible damage (if present)
Trim and moldings
Windshield and all glass condition
Exterior lights function
Brake and high-mount stoplights
Emergency flashers
Headlights hi/low
License plate lights
Parking/fog lights
Side market lights
Tail/back up lights
Turn signal lights
Vehicle has 2 master key with remote plus airbag key (if present)
Door lock system
Door mechanism
Manually lock with key
Remote entry system
Theft deterrent system
Vehicle Interior
Interior appearance inspection
Carpet/floor mats
Dashboard central tunnel
Door panel
Headliners/sun visors
Steering wheel/airbags
Seat belts
Extend/retract smoothly
Free of twists, cuts, or signs
Seat operation
Lumbar support operation
Seatback angle adjustment
Power windows
Trunk/fuel lid and bonnet release
All mechanism
Glove compartment
Board documentation in working order
Steering wheel
Steering wheel locks
Windshield wiper
Functions in hi/low intermittent
Headlamp washer
Windshield washer operation
Wiper blades clean properly
Dashboard and instrument cluster
Board computer functionality
Operation of all gauges
Emergency flashers
High beam and low indicator mechanism
Set correct time on clock
Turn signals mechanism
Warning lights: oil pressure, brake, fuel, seatbelt, open door, engine check, ABS, ESP (Gallardo only)
Air conditioning/heater
Climate control system (heating/cooling)
Interior lights
Courtesy lights
Mirror lights
Audio and navigation system
Cassette/CD function (scan, seek, rewind, fast forward)
CD cartridge (when applicable)
Navigation system (if present)
Power/volume switch
Preset station Indicator
Rear view camera
Speakers sound
Convertible top
All mechanisms and operations
Cigarette lighter/ashtray/cupholder
Function properly
Rearview mirrors
External mirrors
Internal rearview mirrors
Outside mirror heater (if present)
Power mirror controls switch
Luggage Compartment
Luggage compartment light
Luggage trim and mat
Tool kit, present and complete
Fluid Levels
Clutch (manual gearbox only)
Differential front and rear
Engine coolant
Lifting system
Power steering
Under the Hood
Engine mechanical
Air Filters
Belts (wear or damage)
Compression cylinder test
Cooling system: pressure test, radiator, overflow tank, hoses
Emission control test (if state requirement)
Engine noise (knocks, rattles)
Excessive fuel pump noise
Oil pump (noise/leaks)
Engine fans
Voltage Test
No damage
No leakage
Group size/amp rating
Under the Vehicle
Minimum trend depth
No damage
Proper size, type, and match
Tire pressure
Center wheel cover (Lamborghini logo)
Curb damage
Brake Inspection
Calipers, lines and hoses
Parking brake assemblies, cables, and attaching hardware
Brake lines
Pad material
Visible inspection under the vehicle
Bumper flanges and brackets
Drive shaft boots and CV joints
Engine mounts and oil pan
Exhaust system
Frame and floor pan
Fuel hoses and protectors
Fuel lines
Fuel tank
Rear and Front differential
Sheet metal
Shocks for operation/leaks
Steering rack
Tie rods, balls joints
Torsion bar
Upper/lower arms (front and rear)
Wheel balancing/alignment
Diagnostic Test and Acquisitions
Soft top
Road Test
Engine performance idle/noise/vibrations
Idles normally
Starter operation/starting (cold/hot)
While driving, engine performs normally
Brake function
Parking brake function
Warning lights
No warning lights illuminate during road test
Gearbox manual: functionality
Test all E-gear modes (sport, normal, auto)
Transmission and differential noise (cold/hot)
Transmission and shift points
Steering and suspension
Steering/tracking/pulling/play in the wheel
Suspension noise/performance
Air condition/heat system check
Correct functionality
Noise or vibrations
None present

Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini Warranty Program

What is covered?

Authorized repairs to correct a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship in the following items are covered by the Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini Limited Warranty. This list is not inclusive. See your Broward Lamborghini Service Representative for specific items.

  • Powertrain (engine, transmission, differential)
  • Suspension and steering system
  • Safety (ABS, airbag, and brake systems)
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Electrical system (sound and navigation systems are excluded)
  • Fuel system

Engine - block, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, oil pump, flywheel (non clutch related failure), camshaft, timing chain (if maintenance intervals are followed), cylinder head and their mechanical components, ECU and associated wiring.

Cooling System - radiator, radiator fan, expansion water tank, water pump, thermostat, coolant pipes and hoses.

Fuel system - fuel tank, fuel tank cap, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relays, fuel lines.

E-gear - selector lever, e-gear ECU, e-gear switch selector mode, transmission speed sensor, mounts, kits e-gear and components, transmission housing, transmission mounts, internal shift rods, internal shift forks, main shaft, secondary shaft, internal bearing and bushing, synchronizers, gear sets, reverse switch and transmission speed sensor.

Manual transmission - gearshift lever, gearshift block, gearshift cable, transmission housing, transmission mounts, internal shift rods, internal shift forks, main shaft, secondary shaft, internal bearing and bushings, synchronizers, gear sets.

Differential - drive shaft (front, central and rear), seals, boots, differential case, bearing, differential locks, crown and pinion, front differential temperature sensor.

Suspension - front and rear control arms (not bushings subject to wear), wheel bearing housing, front and rear wheel hub, coil springs, stabilizer bar, stabilizer links, wheel rear bearings and rear springs.

Brakes - brake switches, ABS control unit, ABS wiring harnesses, ABS relays, master cylinder, fluid reservoir, parking brake and associated lever switches, pressure accumulators, hydraulic lines and hoses, vacuum pump and hoses, front and rear calipers and booster.

Steering - steering rack, steering column, steering wheel lock, power steering pump, associated hydraulic hoses and pipes.

Climate controls - a/c control unit, a/c panel switch, heater valve, sensors heater core, fresh air controls and cables, air blower motor, air vent, a/c compressor, a/c panel switches and sensors, a/c receiver drier, accumulator, a/c condenser, a/c expansion valve, a/c condenser fan, clima group and hoses.

Electrical - speedometer and sensors, odometer, tachometer, temperature gauges, oil pressure gauges, oil temperature gauges, horns, windshield wiper motor, windshield washer reservoir, fluid level sensor, headlight wash pump and associated components, headlight switch, combination signal switch, emergency flasher switch, door switches, back-up light switch, fog light switch, alarm system components, wiring harnesses and connectors, starter, alternator, ignition key, knock sensors, remote control, soft top, power door lock, actuators and associated switches, power window motor, window regulator and assemblies and motors, power window switches and associated wiring, external view mirror motor and switch, airbag system, seat motors and heating elements.

The Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini Limited Warranty is transferable to a subsequent owner without charge.

Vehicle Coverage:
Your Lamborghini is covered for 12/24 months from the vehicles CPO starting date. The length depends on the CPO package choice.

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