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The Huracan Performante has completely reworked the idea of what super sports cars can be, taking the performance to levels we have only dreamed of before! The Huracan Performante has been totally re-engineered to increase the performance of the suspension and steering, improve the engine, and reduce the weight using ultra-lightweight materials. This vehicle also introduces an innovative system of active aerodynamics known as ALA. All you have to do is sit behind the wheel of the Performante to know that it feels different than all the other Huracan models, as it was designed to be the fastest. Read on to learn more about this incredible super sports car and how to make your dreams of getting behind the wheel of one, a reality! 

What are the design features of the Performante?
The exterior of the Huracan Performante screams performance from every angle. Both the front and rear spoilers are created with Forged Composites, enabling the vehicle's aerodynamics to reach maximum performance by increasing and decreasing the downforce as needed. The rims are also new, and lighter, and hold new Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires that enable optimum grip. Moving inside, you will immediately notice that the Huracan Performante reflects the need for speed! Every interior surface is made from the highest quality materials such as the carbon fiber seats, Forged Composites, and Alcantara upholstery. All of these materials are incredibly light so they can contribute to and increase the Perfromante's performance. 

What type of power does a Huracan Performante get?
There are many things that help make the Huracan Performante the highest expression of a new level of super sports cars. The engine, a V10 that cranks out 413 pound-feet of torque and 630 horsepower, has been totally redesigned and renovated with optimized fluid dynamics at both the intake and exhaust. The brand-new intake ducts are taken directly from Lamborghini Motorsports to improve response no matter the speed. This engine is mated to a double-clutch transmission which has been further perfected for optimum performance. Your heart will start pumping when you hear the sound of the new lightened exhaust system. 

Can you tell me about Lamborghini's aerodynamics system?
Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, or ALA, is an innovative and smart system that manages the Huracan Performante's active aerodynamics. The ALA system adapts to the driving style of the person behind the wheel and the route taken. When needed, the system can increase the vertical load to speed through curves while stabilizing the vehicle. It can also reduce the aerodynamic resistance to boost the acceleration to reach top speeds! 

What is special about the Performante's suspension?
The Huracan Performante's suspension is created with a double-wishbone architecture that guarantees the absolute balance between the sports performance and usability of the vehicle. This suspension is also paired with an optional system of magnetorheological shock absorbers that respond to the driving style and adapt to the road conditions instantaneously to improver the driver's control over the vehicle, especially when on the track. 

Find the Huracan Performante at Lamborghini Broward
Do you live in the Broward County area? Are you in looking for a Lamborghini dealership to make your dreams of owning a Huracan come true? At Lamborghini Broward we offer the expertise and resources you need. Just give us a call or stop by the dealership today. If you have fallen in love with the Performante you can learn even more about this Lamborghini model here!

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