Lamborghini's New Timeline App

Lamborghini's New Timeline App

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We all know that Lamborghini works hard to remain on the cutting edge of everything. Whether that's power, dynamics, or technology, you will always know when you get into a Lamborghini that you are sitting in something that has been well thought out. Well, Lamborghini wants to remind you that it focuses on more than just the vehicle that you're sitting in. They have now officially introduced Timeline, which is a new Unica application that offers you total peace of mind. You will be able to get all of the information you need about your Lamborghini to stay on top of everything from just the confines of your own phone! Down below we are going to go more in-depth on what this app can do you for you in terms of ownership, and either way, you still get the benefit of being a Lamborghini owner.

Can you tell me what this app looks like?

Before we delve deeper into what this app really does for you, it's important to figure out what the app itself looks like. Many people can be put off of getting apps on their phone, especially if they feel unfinished, or not as sleek as they might want. We are happy to say that the graphics are clear, and the design itself is easy-to-use, without any clunkiness that can be found on some apps. This is also important because people who own Lamborghini's are doing so because they know they're the most powerful and stylish vehicles on the market today, and no one needs to have an exclusive Lamborghini owner app that doesn't live up to that name.

What does Timeline do?

Vehicle history: One of the very first things that this app can do for you allows you to get the full history of your Lamborghini. While this is especially important if you bought your Lamborghini used, it's also good to just keep track of the kind of service that you've had in the past without needing all of the paperwork on hand. The easier, the better!

Maintenance: Another major perk of this app is that it can remind you whenever you are due for something like an oil change. You can even schedule an appointment directly on your smartphone! After the service takes place, the app is automatically updated, so the status is always relevant.

Recall deadlines: The last thing we're mentioning with this app, although it can do much much more, is that it keeps track of any recalls that might be happening. This is especially important when it comes to deadlines, so you are aware of the time that you have before that campaign might expire.

Lamborghini Timeline App at Lamborghini Broward

In order to even utilize the Timeline app, you need to be a Lamborghini owner! That means that this is a great time to get yourself behind the wheel of one of the many models that we have available at Lamborghini Broward. No matter what you're looking for, we know that we have the model that you need to stay happy.

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