Lamborghini Sian Roadster Announced

Lamborghini Sian Roadster Announced

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There are many things that Lamborghini does well, and it should be no surprised that they have, once more, created a limited edition model that you can be excited about. We're, of course, talking about the Lamborghini Sian Roadster. This limited edition model is an open-top hybrid super sports car that makes use of the iconic V12 engine that you have come to know and love in other Lamborghini models. The roofless design is another thing that really makes this Lamborghini stand out, and makes it one of the best cockpits in the entire automotive world. You won't find better performance or technology anywhere else, and that's why we want to dedicate more time discussing what else the Sian Roadster has to offer. Which, is a pretty extensive list. Do you want to learn more? Keep reading down below for everything about this impressive hybrid super sports car.

Can you tell me about the design?

One glance at the Sian Roadster and you'll know that many of the design facets were created with the future in mind. There is something inherently forward-thinking based, and the open-air cabin further expands on this with a kind of purity that is hard to match. One thing we really want to discuss is the periscopio line that is inspired by the Countach, which runs diagonally all the way from the cockpit to the rear, an helps to create aerodynamic airstreamers. The powerful profile is further bolstered by sculptured contours and aero wings. Don't worry though, you will still find some iconic Lamborghini stylings, including the Y-shape headlights with the very low front. You won't have to worry about airflow, not with the front splitters and the front bonnet, along with the side air intakes and outlets. Lamborghini has ensured that there is no loss of aerodynamic efficiency, even with the roofless design. From the evocative hexagon design to the integrated rear wing, the Sian Roadster gives you everything you could want out of a Lamborghini.

What is the engine like?

We know that a major question surrounding this vehicle is the hybrid nature of the engine. You won't have to worry about losing any power, not when the next-generation V12 powerplant is still being used. The difference here is the fact that it now comes with a 48-volt e-motor, which alone delivers 34 horsepower. This motor supports reversing and parking with pure electric power. All of the advanced technology is combined to give you up to 785 horsepower. When you include the 34 horsepower from the hybrid addition, you'll find 819 horsepower. The Sian Roadster can get to over 350 km/h. The weight to power ratio here of 1.0 kg/hp is something that needs to be further discussed as a reason why Lamborghini the leader when it comes to super cars.

Sian Roadster at Lamborghini Broward

We know that when it comes to Lamborghini, you will enjoy whatever vehicle you get behind the wheel of. There is something incredibly special about all of the detail and engineering prowess that goes behind every decision. We couldn't be more excited to add the Lamborghini Sian Roadster into the family. We hope you'll stop by our dealership soon as we can get you the Lamborghini that meets all of your dreams.

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