The Automotive Star of the Italian Job Has Been Located

The Automotive Star of The Italian Job Has Been Located

Fifty years after the release of the movie The Italian Job, Lamborghini Polo Storico has located the actual Miura P400 used in the opening sequence.

In the movie, the Miura, driven by actor Rossano Brazzi, is shown traversing the Great St Bernard Pass while the opening credits are displayed. At the end of the sequence, the Miura drives at a high rate of speed into a mountain tunnel and hits construction equipment. The Miura is then shown completely destroyed. 

What is Lamborghini Polo Storico?

Lamborghini Polo Storico, started in 2015, is Automobili Lamborghini's in-house group dedicated to the restoration and certification of vintage Lamborghini vehicles. In addition, Polo Storico manufactures replacement parts for vintage Lamborghinis and manages the historic company archives.

Why was the finding the original Miura P400 so difficult?

As you probably surmise, a brand new Miura P400 wasn't wrecked in The Italian Job -it was a movie prop car that was wrecked. Just a few years after the film's release, once the general public realized that the original Miura P400 that opened the movie was out there somewhere, a hunt began to find it. Over the following five decades, enthusiasts and collectors from around the world searched for the "missing Miura P400."

Joining the search were dozens of actual owners of late 60s Miura P400s. In particular, the Kaiser Collection of Vaduz (Liechtenstein) had one. Like many of the others, they approached Lamborghini Polo Storico and asked them if theirs was the missing Miura. The problem was that no one knew what the original car's serial number was so quick identification wasn't possible.

Was the Kaiser Collection Miura P400 the missing Miura?

Polo Storico's investigation started with documentation in the company archives and a complete examination of the car. The results were then supplemented with testimonies from former employees, such as Enzo Moruzzi, who delivered the car to the set and drove it in all the shots as a stunt double.

Moruzzi recalls, "There was a Miura P400 almost ready on the production line, in the right color, left-hand drive and with white leather interior.  It was aesthetically identical to the damaged one and we decided to use it for the film. The only thing worrying us was the elegant white leather seats, given that car had to get back to Sant'Agata in perfect condition. So, I asked for them to be taken out, replacing them with a set of black leather seats that we used for testing. The giveaway was the headrests, which on the Miura are attached to the dividing glass between the driver compartment and the engine compartment, which couldn't be replaced in time. In the film, you can see the original white headrests."

As a result of much investigation, the great Lamborghini Miura hunt was finally over. The Miura P400, chassis #3586, owned by the Kaiser Collection in Liechtenstein has been certified by the factory as the actual Miura driven in the opening sequence of The Italian Job.

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